Z515 Spring 2015


This website acts as a collective resource for the Z515: Information Architecture class. It serves as an online space to discuss class readings and spur class discussions. For each session a student will write a 200-word blog on a topic relevant to that week’s session. Suggested blog topics:

·   Take a favorite example from the readings and provide personal thoughts or applications

·   Find an article in current events which relates to the session’s topic and write about it, drawing from the week’s readings to give added insight

·   Discuss how one or more of the readings/authors dealt with a particular topic

·   Take an example from the reading and apply the principles to an Information Science job that you currently hold, or hope to hold in the future

·   Take a quote from the readings which is a point of debate, and discuss all sides

Photographs, comics, YouTube clips, or even sound clips might contribute to your blog discussions. Creative Commons Search is a great resource for this.



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