Z515 Spring 2015

Session 12: Prototyping

One thing that Moule’s reading made clear to me is that not only is prototyping essential, but that many different tools can be pressed into its service. On page 173 she discusses defining the scope of the prototype, which is a very intelligent part of the prototyping process. When I might be making LibGuides or other library web pages for researchers or for instruction, it will be important for me to demonstrate to myself and any other design team members how the users will interact with the resources in a few different ways. This will mean restricting the prototypes to just a few key desired functions, rather than attempting to prototype the entire site or resource.

I chose to prototype the essentially the who functionality of the music store’s site when making my project for this course both because I wanted to learn how to use the Foundation framework and because I wanted the extra experience making a variety of pages. I chose to represent each page rather simply, with a lot of repeated text, although it is not quite lorem ipsum. Having seen the range of descriptions put on the store’s website already, I kept in mind how well the designs could be stretched and scale to a variety of depths when Aquarius Records adds more than three song excerpt files, more than a single image, or becomes exceptionally verbose. I didn’t keep any of these alternates in the final prototype as they seemed somewhat distracting, but I enjoyed the process of seeing whether I could “break” my prototype myself.

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