Z515 Spring 2015

Session 11: Wireframing

As I might end up being one of a few librarians at a small institution, I particularly appreciate the readings from Buley’s The User Experience Team of One. I don’t have any idea of how much user experience background is held by other people at the small institutions where I’ve interviewed for positions, so I’m especially interested in ways of making the development process more accessible to others.

Therefore, I find the “design collage” method mentioned on page 186 very compelling. By creating a number of design elements, I could easily work with fellow librarians or students to iterate a few possible designs for any online resources we might create. I imagine that I could, depending on the course, even use this method to work with students in an instruction session to discuss the search process and to promote critical thinking about information sources.

Since I’m a person who prefers simpler, more accessible tools whenever it is feasible, I certainly can imagine using this method of wireframing in the future. To a certain degree, this is what I mentally did when wireframing my redesign for this course: I used a web framework with a particular set of design elements and then decided where those could be placed. One of the biggest design shifts for the project took place when I decided to move from the Twitter Bootstrap to Zurb Foundation frameworks, because these have different approaches to how their design elements optimally function on a page.

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