Z515 Spring 2015

Session 10: Site Maps and Flow Charts

For me, one of the most fascinating elements of Caddick and Cable’s discussion of site maps is how they describe these documents as “a very political document,” due to the high degree of exposure they have to a large number of stakeholders in the website. Having previously only dealt with sitemaps when creating single-person websites, this aspect of the document’s communicative capacities was quite new to me.

When I began making my own website, I had to repeatedly consult the Jekyll site map in order to learn the relationship necessary between the documents I was making. It’s interesting how their documentation, which I’ve found mostly quite useful, contains few of the symbols and directional indications that Caddick and Cable suggest. This might be because the site structure is relatively restricted, but I can certainly remember being puzzled by how Jekyll uses a few source files to compile web pages and then place those .html files into another folder. Jekyll’s documentation would certainly seem to benefit from having this additional relationship information added, perhaps in another image to include in addition to the mostly plain-text visual rendering they currently use.

Since my site is primarily a portfolio and blog, I haven’t given a large amount of thought to the user flow between pages. I’ll likely spend time this summer doing just that, however, as I’d like to increase engagement with something that I’ve spent time designing and writing..

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