Z515 Spring 2015

An Important step to final product!

After all the process for my final project of prototype of my website, I understand the importance of prototype. In my experience, the prototype is very comprehensive conclusion with different abilities.

The first time I know I need to create a prototype for a website, I thought it was just a waste of time, why we do not create a website directly. Then I see the necessary of prototype, it is like a pre-product before final design. The final product needs more money and time to process, and it may cost more if the product is failed. So we can create several prototypes for a product, and give a choice after usability test to get the best user experience.

Prototyping is underutilized in product development. Develop just enough interface detail to gather meaningful results that will inform necessary refinements such as navigational elements, screen layouts, and content presentation. When it goes a long way in usability testing and design presentations, a successful prototype has been created. At this point, the idea of design can be tested by prototype, quickly allowing for bad ideas to be killed off and the good ideas to be iterated. It gives a way of selection for interface design.

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