Z515 Spring 2015

Leading Indicators

As, it is mentioned in Caaddick and Cable book, wireframes are an important phase of the development life cycle and many groups are involved in producing the wireframes including the development team, specialists, related business functions, and sign-off groups. In here, I would like to talk about the managerial aspect of this and talk about “leading indicators”.

If you have a project, you want the project to be successful. By the end, you will know that it was successful or not, however, before the end, you want to know how it is going (is it on the right track or not.) These are considered as leading indicators.

For example, let’s say, we make a wireframe and we show it to one of these stake holders (developer), and the developer says that this specific part of the wireframe, it is not compatible with our system. This is considered as a leading indicator that we find out about the problem beforehand.

As another instance, we are making a web application for a hospital. We make some wireframes and we show it to legal and compliance teams, and they say this specific feature will make the patient data public and we cannot do that because of HIPAA, so we know we should not waste time on that.

Mehrdad Motamed

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