Z515 Spring 2015

Different sitemaps

In this section, I would like to mention different types of sitemap layouts as we have it in Wodtke and Govella (2009) book, sitemaps such as shallow or deep, large or small, tree map, the comb map, the star map and the tab map. I addition, I will focus on tree map and comb map and will provide two examples for them.

For instance, Apple has a narrow product line and they only have a few products in one area, so they can use a tree map for their site because they will not run out of horizontal space. But then if you go to a website like Abercrombie and Fetch, you would not be able to use a tree map because they would run out of horizontal space, however, they could use a comb map and have it on several pages, and then they would show the hierarchy like different kind of clothes for men and women.

I also had the chance to talk to a friend in computer science program who had the experience of working with a program called OmniGraffle which he used to use it for making maps, entity relationship diagrams, flowchart, etc., that I also would like to share it with you. He mentioned it is the Vizio for Mac people. One of the cool things about is that is can automatically lay it out, so you put the shapes on there and draw the connections and then you choose like a layout scheme and then It will lay it out for you. So, if it looks like a mess, it can organize it for you while it still keeps the relationships between entities.

Mehrdad Motamed

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