Z515 Spring 2015

IA and Tagging

In our daily life, we can see tagging everywhere, like shopping mall, office buildings, people, blogs, Facebook, any normal websites, etc. This semester, beside I need to write blogs for this course, I also need to write blogs for another course called Interaction Design Method. Every time when I search for my classmates’ blog to write comments for them, the first step I will do is to find the tagging which can help me to find what I want to read in a fast and efficient way. This is the meaning of tagging. For us as designers, a good tagging can help us to sort and organize information in a more reasonable and effective way, and it also can has great impact for the following design steps based on whether it tags in a good way or a bad way. From this point, tagging can be a checking point for helping designers to find problems of the current designs. For users, a good tagging can help them to find what they want in a fast way which can improve user experience.

屏幕快照 2015-05-04 上午1.37.39

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