Z515 Spring 2015

What’s in a Name?

I find, the term, ‘wireframes,’ an interesting one. I prefer the term ‘drawing board,’ because that more accurately describes the creating and laying out of a website design. When using a drawing board, a designer gets every potential concept down and begins putting it where it may be likely. There is an analogy to be made, though, of the printers used to print out a wireframe and the 3D printers used to print an engineering wireframe. But I still find the term, ‘drawing board,’ to be a  more accurate description.

That said, in my own ‘drawing board,’ I put as many concepts as I thought possible on a page. Each page was packed and cluttered. From there, I removed what I thought was less likely to make the final version. In this way, I could keep priorities as to what I definitely wanted to keep and what could be cut out.

–Joseph Wooley

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