Z515 Spring 2015

“Narrow and Deep” or “Broad and Shallow”?

When we think of any website’s site structure we encounter two different kinds of inherent structure on any of them. It would either be narrow and deep or broad and shallow. Many people argue which site structure is better than the other. Both structures have their own advantages over the other.

Narrow and Deep site structure would be extremely beneficial for a website that has a lot of information that fit into one category. If there are multiple objects than can fit into one single label and grouping it is best to adopt the narrow and deep site structure for a website.

On the contrary a broad and shallow structure should be adopted when there is a plethora of information that don’t necessarily belong to the same group. In this scenario we can have multiple items on the first level and maybe the secondary levels are not very deep.

So it is appropriate if you base a site structure on the information that is present within the website. We can’t necessarily say one is better over the other.

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