Z515 Spring 2015

why do I keep from blogging?

(There’s a lovely Enya song called “How Can I Keep From Singing” to which my mom would do yoga-lite in the early 1990s; thence the title.)

I am 2 weeks behind on blogging and I haven’t been behind on my homework for 14 years—the day my mother, bless her influence, told me that I needed merit scholarships in order to go to college. The is highly unusual for me—as a veteran of a well-known literary studies doctorate program, I am very good at storm-and-furying when it signifies next to nothing. (Apologies to conscientious bloggers; I don’t like putting good ideas in public ’til I can make a substantive claim for intellectual property rights).

I think that this is because I have gotten deeply into wire-framing and site-mapping—something that I am conceptually good at but unpracticed in. (See above paragraph.) It’s exciting and a little bewildering to be able to move stuff around on a screen and auto-generate site-maps based on my models—you know, to accomplish something and extrapolate a principle from it rather than the other way round. So enchanting is that sitting down and writing a paragraph full of content is punishing!

Is this where the “those who can, do, those who can’t, teach” maxim comes from—and one of the reasons that those great financial doers of the 1990s, the princes of dot-com and the tech culture that followed them, were/are theory resistant?

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