Z515 Spring 2015

Prototype is not the final design

In this class, the last topic is prototype. Seems prototyping is the last step of UX design, but actually it’s not. Of course, there are lots of steps before prototyping: research, concept, wireframes, usability test… but when it comes to the step of prototyping, it’s still a design process which helps us thinking through making. We can explore and evaluating design ideas, communicate ideas and receive feedback, etc. All of these activities indicate that prototyping is not the final design, but a way to help us improve our design.

In one of my HCI class, Marty, our professor, mentioned about “kill your own baby”. It means sometimes we need to get rid of our own design if it’s bad or need to be improved. For our actual practice, usually after we made a beautiful prototype, we don’t want to change it and we think it’s very good, just because it’s our own work. However, prototype is not for presenting your perfect final design solution, but for discovering problems and generate improvement. Of course it’s hard to change something we have already done, but I think it’s a healthy design process and it’s very meaningful step on the way to a good design.

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