Z515 Spring 2015

Wireframes: Mapping for Websites

So this week’s readings were all over wireframes and I found them quite useful when working on my own wireframe for the website redesign project.  Once I started using Lucidchart and snapping the different piece of the home page in place, I realized just how much this reminded me of something my sister and I always did whenever we moved:  Floor mapping.  In case you don’t know, floor mapping is when you have a sheet of grid paper that acts as a scaled drawing of the room you want to map out.  By using cut out shapes that represent all the furniture you want to have in the room, you figure out different orientations for all the items so that you can have an idea of how your room should be set up before starting to move everything in.  Wireframes acted the same way as the important items should all be taken into account when planning where it all can fit, but, just like floor mapping, there is not just one way to do it so you have to move stuff around until it looks good to you and everything is able to fit where it needs to.

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