Z515 Spring 2015

The same debate…

Wire framing is an incredibly important tool for various reasons, to test and communicate design ideas within your own team, to users and to pass on the work to the developers within your company.

During the weekly design challenges we received in a class last semester, we tried to gauge the requirements of the company in terms of fidelity before starting to work on wireframes. The issues we have come across:

  • Different companies have different styles of working, so adapt to that. eg. flat UI designs, Google trends.
  • Mixing high fidelity and low fidelity designs together might backfire as the clients want to see consistent design.
  •  Some companies don’t even know what ‘fidelity’ means, so good luck with that.

During my internship, when problems cropped up in terms of consistency, the visual designers were roped in to create a library of design entities – check boxes, breadcrumbs, drop down lists boxes and so on. This created consistency in terms of structure and visual design. So two different interaction designers do not end up creating two different buttons for the same function. And when the users are brought in for usability testing, they see things that closely resemble final product in terms of space, while there is plenty of room for improvement in terms of design and interaction.

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