Z515 Spring 2015

design anxiety (or, ia and aesthetics)

During our first meetings, we had it from Stasa again and again that IA and interaction design, aesthetics, web interface, etc., are independent of one another. I did not believe her and I subsequently had a dreadful time with our last warmup, which called us to wireframe a homepage for our respective sites.

I’m used to designing in static or slowly-changing 3-dimensional space. Think of entities clothes and furniture, which—combined with the shape of body or that of a room—immediately suggest a basic aesthetic. Some things “go,” some things do not “go.” I have no sense of how my astrological data entities“go” in the space of the web-page, which, like a sonnet, has strict boundaries and invites infinite permutations. I mean, I know (again, like a sonnet) my perimeters. I just don’t have a sense of how the entities should fit in the space, how they should cycle through the space, or any underlying sense of an intuitive entity-space relationship at all in this domain. Nor can I intuit a particular or unique look for the site like I do when I style spaces or bodies (and not that you can tell from what I wear to class—other than the fact that both my dog and I are usually monochrome). Totally frustrating.

I wonder whether any UX or UI people in the class get any creative intuition in this domain or if, truly, IA and aesthetics are just fundamentally different.

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