Z515 Spring 2015

Something in between

Constructing a site map for my site was a bit of a nightmare.

Looking at the way that my site displays information is interesting:


Take a look at it. They’ve set up a static front page which acts as a frame around everything else that loads. Then, there are two “inner pages” which can be filled. Now given this is a local playwright’s website, I actually quite like the charm of the design, and think it works pretty well. The trouble comes when they try to fit 3-4 pages of content into the 2 pages they’ve allowed themselves. But I digress.

The real trouble, for me at least, comes with the site map. Because simply making a tree structure wasn’t enough. Then you don’t get a sense where where, or how information is displayed. Or a feel for the fact that as you make choices, your old decisions actually remain onscreen.

Beyond this, while I’m going to be keeping the overall design of the website, I’m really focusing on really making the inner content flow and fit in exactly the right place. So in my site map, I’ve gone and completely overhauled the entire structure and feel of the website. But looking at it right now, it’s really hard to tell where all of the old information could be found, what I’ve kept, and what I’ve thrown out.

That’s why I find it fairly odd that we haven’t talked about a sort of in-between method, combining site map and the site inventory. Although the site map gives the stakeholder a good sense of where things might be in the redesign, I think a great way of visualizing that, would be also to sort of categorize in the new site where the old site’s pages would be. More or less. Something bridging old and new. As it is, we only see the new and have to take for granted that everything is accounted for.

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One thought on “Something in between

  1. Plus, this doesn’t even deal with my issues with flowcharts for this. Because of the way I’m specifically redesigning their site, and with the fact that any ticket purchases, education registration, or other complex interaction are handled offsite, I’m just not sure what I can do for a flowchart that would make it worthwhile. Everything I came up with seemed to be “User clicks button, goes here, finds info.”

    Sounds too good to be useful, really.


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