Z515 Spring 2015

Flowcharts: The Quickest Way from Point A to Point B

To me, flowcharts are one of the best ways to measure task efficiency in a website design. When given a task, a person will look at the options available and naturally choose the way they see as most efficient. Give enough people the same task and the quickest route arises naturally. Finally, to build a website as efficiently as possible, make the flowchart align as close as possible to the routes taken by users. Just like that, the the website is in the most logical order for the majority of the user base.

I also found in designing my own flowcharts, that there is a way to correctly duplicate links on different pages. Often, redundancy on a website leads to confusion. But sometimes, links can naturally be found in multiple places. Just as it is confusing for a patron to find duplicate links in multiple places where they don’t belong, it is just as confusing to NOT find a link where it is expected. In that case, some links are better served in any place, when logical. For instance, I separated my user base into two core groups. But one topic, “Academics” applies to both user groups, parents and students. In that case, I put links to “Academics” helpfully in both areas.


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