Z515 Spring 2015

Sitemaps for Clients? Maybe, not!

While reading the assigned reading for this week – Brown (2011) for Sitemaps – I was really intrigued by the topic associated with presenting Sitemaps to client. The section discussed everything from how to schedule and conduct meeting, how to structure them and make sitemaps client ready. However I completely agree with the expert opinion provided on page 114. According to me it isn’t a great idea to present sitemaps to clients. A sitemap, ideally, is created and updated during each phase of the project and is used extensively by UI designers, architects and developers for site building purposes. Sitemaps are often just an overview of the site structure but can also extend to multiple layers and become detailed as well as extensive. Presenting the sitemap to clients is most likely going to confuse them and might prove overwhelming, as everyone would not know the terminologies and contents presented in the sitemap. Additionally, the sitemap for any website often undergoes multiple iterations of update throughout the project, as often as the structure is updated by UI designers or Information Architects. Explaining the updated structure every time to the client would be a tedious task for the project team. Although the team can decide to present the sitemap to the client once they have a concrete structure in place, but it still won’t be adequately explanatory to the client. So in my opinion it would be best not to present the sitemap to the client at all. Introducing the client to the flowchart and flow of activities on their website would be more ideal, in my opinion.

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