Z515 Spring 2015

Enlightened by Context

In his article Hinton (2014) explains that understanding context is very important when working with labels, relationships, and rules. He explains that our environments can influence how we label something, and the reverse is true as well, the way we label things is influenced by our environment. And so follows, the relationships and rules that we set up using those labels are also influenced by context.

This is why it is so important in Information Architecture to understand context when considering unique users, their needs, and information seeking based on those needs. Hinton mentions “iCloud” and the label “Account” used so often today. People try to associate the properties from their personal experience with objects such as accounts and clouds to these and their understanding doesn’t translate.

Understanding the context can mean the difference between whether a user attempts to use or continues to use a site, program, or application.

This article also made me realize that when beginning to use a new technology, it may be helpful to understand what and for whom the technology was designed for in the first place.

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