Z515 Spring 2015

Good navigation is invisible

This week’s reading introduce a few different ways of website navigation. They are very familiar to me because 4 years ago when I built a website for the first time, I also learned how to use specific kinds of navigation, including main navigation, local navigation, breadcrumb, etc. They are very classic ways for navigation and have been used widely for a long time.

However, as web development turned from 1.0 to 2.0 or even 3.0, the way of navigation is also changing. We can see the trend of web design has less clicking, more one page because the speed of the internet improves the scrolling experience. Therefore, some classic ways of navigation is no longer in a major position in web design. In my opinion, every website has its information architecture, but how to present it to users can have different way. No matter what kind of navigation we are using, we should adapt the trend of modern web design and the development of internet, as well as the style of the specific website, trying to design a navigation system that is “invisible” to users. That means, when users are browsing the website, their experience is very smooth and it’s very easy for them to find something they need, so that they don’t even realize the existence of the navigation system.

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