Z515 Spring 2015

Consistent and Unique

This week our topic is about metadata and tagging system. It’s very interesting to see the data behind the data and different way to interpret data. It’s a very helpful way for organizing and accessing the data. However, the execution is always not easy.

Different people have different interpretation for a data. For example, if I am going to create the metadata of a set of CD collection, some people who care about musician will focus on the metadata about musician, which country they are from, age, etc. Maybe other people care more about the genre of the music, will focus on the metadata about the style of the music, time period of the music, etc. People are not machine, our organizing system can’t be the same as others, so it increase¬†difficulty while letting people to create metadata for a same set of data.

Maybe we can let machine to do it so the result can be more consistent? Yeah it would increase consistency while using computer to create metadata, but the result is it’s not that personalize and meet with everybody’s needs. People are flexible and can understand things in a deeper way, while computer can just execute certain instruction without further thinking. So I think the best way to create metadata for organizing is to be consistent and also unique. That needs the power of both computer and human being.

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