Z515 Spring 2015

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

2540337-2638829748-tumblSo with all the readings on labels, controlled vocabularies and facets, I thought of the above line from the movie The Princess Bride.  So many words are used by different people and that can cause problems in communication.  The same word can mean and be used for different things (Morville and Rosenfeld (2007) use the example pitch to show this) or different people can use different words to refer to exactly the same thing.  And this is just in English alone.  When more than one language is taken into account, it becomes even more complicated.

I’ve had to create a minor faceted vocabulary for a previous class and let me tell you that it is not easy.  The most important thing to think about when creating one is to think of what terms the users would understand because, in the end, it is the users that have to make use of the chosen vocabulary.  So if the person creating the faceted vocabulary does not understand the terminology of the user group, they will have a very hard time trying to create one.

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