Z515 Spring 2015

Metadata and Findability

Since I am new to Information Architecture and Information Systems. I was a little bit ignorant to how pervasive metadata and tagging are in our daily lives. For example, I saw a pair of shoes that I liked at target but they did not have the size I wanted. So I took a screenshot of the information on the box in order for me to help me find the shoe online.

I went to the women’s shoes section on the website and I was immediately overwhelmed when I was presented with over 7 sub-categories under shoes, and each category had over 20 specific selections. The search would have taken forever if I had to go through each category. So I ended up searching the shoe using the style name and the color found on the box in the picture below.

20150223_194809The shoe that I wanted immediately popped up and I went ahead and completed the order. As I reflect on this experience, I question why I made the decisions that I made. Why did I take the picture of the shoe box?

I believe that based on my prior experience with searching on online stores I knew that it is not always easy to find what you are looking for without specifics especially for stores like Target whom have large inventories. The system is more friendly for individuals who know exactly what they want. If you have an idea but not the specifics then it becomes difficult for the system to lead you in the right direction.

I guess the challenge for Information Architect is how to create metadata that is both administrative friendly and user friendly.

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