Z515 Spring 2015

How cool would it be to search through your images?


Those are the names of the images I had taken on my iPhone 4 in January 2014. It is safely stored on my laptop and on an external hard drive. An entire folder of 896 JPEG images taken between Oct 2014 and Jan 2015. The data available with each entity, it’s name, the date taken, the file type and the file size, have no indication whatsoever to what the content is.

One is a screenshot of one my tweets; while one indicates a screenshot of Bloomington’s weather; there’s a uber cool selfie of myself and a photo of bunch of chocolate rocks. Who could have guessed that? by looking at  ‘IMG_0827.JPG’.

Imagess! IMG_1214 ‘IMG_1376 IMG_1766


Sure, the ‘date taken’ might actually be useful for me to narrow down my search for a particular entity. But I still have to manually look through/skim through the images to locate what I’m looking for. How awesome would it be, if I could just search through my personal photos by entering search query such as “my mom with a gorgeous red saree” or “my college ID card”.

I love how Google does it, though Did anyone ask for a monkey with a crazy hat?

Here you go! Took me about 30 seconds to find it.




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