Z515 Spring 2015

How to Name the Unnameable

Both in the readings for this week and the readings I had when I took Representation & Organization brought up the idea of how difficult it can be to describe non-textual objects.  The commonly used examples for this were art but other objects can be just as difficult to describe.  What details about an object can be used to describe it?  Can we only describe the physical or can we use details like the meaning of it?  The emotions it can make you feel? or other hard to define details?  This made me think of the unnameable horrors of H.P. Lovecraft.  A theme that is included in many of Lovecraft’s stories is the indescribable and mind-breaking appearance of his creatures.  I always found this to be an interesting choice of a theme to use in a written story where everything is a textual representation of something else and is thereby naming everything.

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