Z515 Spring 2015

It’s Time to Organize

Wurman (2001) talks about the LATCH method of organizing information (location, alphabet, time category, hierarchy). I had a hard time thinking about time as a method of organizing one’s information. I kept thinking organizing information over time, although in the article the author is referring to organizing by time. For example, organizing events on a timeline.

When Covert (2014) talks about different taxonomies used for structuring information, the uniqueness of hypertext stood out among taxonomies because the organizer can bring the user to the information instead of putting it in many different places. Hyperlinks allow the user to move easily between taxonomies.

So wouldn’t a website creator also be able to organize a website over time considering the user? For example, let’s say a website designer adds a page specifically about an event that has not happened yet. They plan to create a hyperlink to that event exactly one week before the event starts. So the page exists, but the hyperlink, and access to the page, isn’t available to the user until a specified time. Wouldn’t this be considered organizing a site over time? The page is organized within the structure of the site the whole time, it is there the whole time and planned, but the hyperlink is only there at a certain moment. Would this still be considered organized by time according to the LATCH principles?

Or another example: a slideshow that changes every 10 seconds. Isn’t this also organized according to time?

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