Z515 Spring 2015

Dislocating conventions

I’m one of those people who barely reads anything whenever they go to a website. To be honest, I barely even use Finder on my MacBook, and find everything I need with a keyboard shortcut to a spotlight search. Although I barely read pages, I really appreciate a clean and understandable design on a website. While browsing, I’m quick to jump to conclusions and guess what will be behind links, or included inside of content, and where that content might be located. I am totally using all of my past experience combined to inform how I navigate new information online.

Interface design takes into account aesthetic qualities, and also includes design conventions that are both good and bad for designers. Sometimes I am frustrated by the new and trendy responsive design websites that look like a downward column of horizontal tiles with a horizontal navigation bar on top. These websites often use trendy visual effects to make you feel like things are moving at different speeds as you scroll down the page (Parallax). I feel like this design is a convention that doesn’t highlight how content is organized on a website, and honestly makes things harder to navigate IU is following this trend recently, and even appropriating iphone app design in one.iu, and other places. I feel like the web and mobile apps should never be the same. I wonder if it’s just laziness in design that’s making this a trend. I wonder what user testing would find out about whether appropriating app design in websites is helpful or not.

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