Z515 Spring 2015

Content effectiveness

I would like to make a comment on chapter 12 of Radish’ book. Regarding what the most effective content are, I will mention two ways that we are trying to make the content effective. First, we are trying to make it effective is to our readers, so that they can get what they want quickly and they can scan and find out what they want to know. There are studies done by Nielsen Norman Group to show that when people want to read web pages, nobody reads the whole page, they just scan them. So, we need to make it easy to scan to users.

The second way is to make it effective in a way to sell our product. For instance, in my case, as s restaurant’s website, I am trying to sell reservations (I talked about how we can measure the effectiveness of that in my very first comment in the blog (A/B testing)). However, sometimes the effectiveness for selling is in the conflict with the effectiveness for the user. For instance, there was a program called Real Player (released in 1995) which was one of the first streaming video players. On their website, there were a free version and a paid version of it. They made it very hard to find the free version on their website and we had to click very carefully so we did not accidentally download the paid version. In their case, what they were trying to do was to make it effective for selling but not effective for the user to use.

Mehrdad Motamed

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