Z515 Spring 2015

Organization is everywhere

This week’s readings include lots of mythology of organizing information. However, organization happened everyday in everyone’s life, without people’s notice. We have so much stuff going on in our lives and we have to have some ways to sort them out. My clothes, my books, my pens, my make up products…I group them and put them in a certain way and actually they are ways of organization which makes sense to me. I find it really interesting that different people have different way to organize things and the core idea of organization is to let the target user easily find the thing they need. So the organization ways have no limitation, just need to make sense of the people who are going to use it.

So I organize my closet by categories. I put the coats together, use a drawer to put underwear, put all my t-shirt on the top of my drawer, etc. This organization really makes sense to me and I remember where I put my clothes so it’s very easy for me to find something I need from my closet. However, if another person wants to find something from my closet, maybe it’s a little bit difficult for him because he doesn’t know they way I organized my stuff. From the design standpoint, we are trying to design a organization system which makes sense to as many people as we can within the target user group. Moreover, this system should be very easy for people to learn and use.

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