Z515 Spring 2015

Steve Krug as meta example

I’m not sure that I have much to say this week. It’s all quite useful stuff, but none of it jumps out, at least at the moment, as being strange or noteworthy. But first, wow, Steve Krug is good. I’ve his book ‘Don’t Make me Think’ for one of our initial HCI/d classes, and now the readings from this… I’m going to have to pick the rest of his stuff up. Sure, he’s talking about fairly easy stuff, but he presents it in such a way that a) you don’t feel bad for not having considered it in the past b) it’s immediately clear what he’s talking about and c) why it’s important. Illustrations are used at the perfect times to show what he’s talking about.

Hell, it’s pretty interesting how his reading is also a meta-example of how to do exactly what he’s talking about in book form. You can basically scroll down through the book (“Scanning”, billboard style) (Seriously, scroll. Don’t even scan the page. Just scroll), and you’ll still get the overall sense of what he’s talking about where. If you’re unsure at all, your eyes rest on the simple, clear, and effective image that shows right to the point what he’s talking about. And then if you want a further description, or perhaps an interesting anecdote as to why to worry about this, the text is right next door, is also just as readable, and is right in line with what you need.


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