Z515 Spring 2015

Categories and Consequences

Reading Resmini and Rosati’s Pervasive Information Architecture was eye opening. I was never really conscious about the effort and work put behind ordering and categorizing different sets of information and data

As mentioned in the reading, there is no right or wrong way of classification per say but there is a certain fittingness to the task. Also there are consequences to the way we choose to categorize information. Some of the consequences being moral, political, and social that affect people’s daily lives for the better or for the worse. Our classifications on a societal level may determine who gets extra support and who is left to fend for themselves, who is viewed favorably and who is viewed unfavorably.

Our responsibility as Information Architects is to be aware and conscious of the way we decide to group and classify thing as we might end up perpetuating prejudices and negative stereotypes through categories. Yes there are no right or wrong ways of categorization but they all have consequences.

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