Z515 Spring 2015

An Interesting Thing About Personal Organizing

So this weeks reads were all about structuring information and the different ways information is organized.  The thing I found most interesting about this is the personal context when someone organizes things.  Using myself as an example, I have three sets of shelves in my room, one has movies and tv shows, one has books, and the last one has video games.  Even though these three shelves are all right next to each other and they are all organized by the same person, each is organized in a different way.  The movies and tv shows are all ordered alphabetically by their title.  The video games are first split by which video game system is used to play them before further ordering them alphabetically.  My books, on the other-hand, I organize very differently.  First, I have all the books I am borrowing from friends in one place on my ‘want to read’ shelf.  This is not only to keep their books separate from mine, but to also remind myself to read these books first so I can return them as soon as possible.  Next, I have all the books I own but have not read on a single shelf next to the borrowed books.  These books are not organized further in any way as I can have science fiction next to Chinese history next to religious studies.  I just keep these separate to remind myself to read these next as they are books I own but haven’t read yet.  Finally, I have the shelves more like others.  I have the books split by subject matter then ordered by author’s last name.  Thinking about both my own methods of ordering/organizing and how structuring information is very individualized makes me wonder how others organize the same or different materials.

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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Thing About Personal Organizing

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  2. z515student on said:

    Interesting. I thought about your post after class: I have all of my media collections in different orders. My CDs are in alphabetical order for easy finding. My books are in order by size, because I think it looks the nicest on my shelf. And my video games are ordered first by platform, and then by the order in which I want to play them next, for easy selection. I never thought before about having such inconsistent ordering habits!

    -Joseph Wooley


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