Z515 Spring 2015

Project Manager or Designer’s Job?

This week our topic is about content requirements, personas and scenarios. These are the first step of a project, about planning, target users and the core and goal. They are answering the most important question of a project: why we are doing this?

However, based on my limited real world working experience, most of the tech companies are applying the agile environment, which has very tight timeline and fast pace. That means, they need to do research, ideation, prototyping and evaluation in a super short time period, without in-depth understanding of the problem. Of course, they have no time to create persona based on deep user research. For the content requirement, usually this is the job of project manager. They gather the information from the business, technology, user stand points, then write the document to describe the goal, constraints, and new features, etc. As a designer, in the agile environment, they work of them is just brainstorming, creating wireframes, prototyping. Nothing about planning, more about doing.

I believe most of the real world UX designers have the similar experience. Personas, Scenarios, Project Requirements are not our job really. But is that really the right way to do? In my opinion, good designer need to be the superman who knows everything. Without the deep understanding of project goals and constraints, without the knowledge of target users, we can never design something really meet the needs of users and the market. We can not to do the planning jobs by ourselves, but we must understand them.

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