Z515 Spring 2015


We need to create personas for every project in Interaction Design Practice. I still remember the comments for my first persona that I created for my project one. It said “When selecting images for your personas, it’s better to pick the ones that will speak for themselves.”; “It would be easy to read if you use bullet points”; “It is a bit too centered around her need for xx. Almost as if she is your ideal user!”. After that, I realized that persona is not difficult to create, but it’s also not easy to create. I still don’t know how to make it not too centered around users needs or how to make it not too less centered around. I still don’t know when is appropriate.

When I did my first project of Interaction Design Practice, I don’t get the point why we need to create personas. As the more projects I did, the more I realize the importance of personas. Personas can help the whole group define our target group, help us always focus on our target group, help identify features and functionality, help communicate with stakeholders, developers, other designers and users etc. Personas are fun to create and it’s valuable to use.

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