Z515 Spring 2015

Personas for Unknown Users

tree cartoonIn the Rogers, Sharp and Preece (2011) article I really liked the cartoon they used to describe the importance of establishing requirements early on with the customer and using data to inform the decision. Otherwise, as the cartoon shows, the customer may not get across to the design team what they really need to fit their users’ needs nor will the team understand how to properly build it without proper analysis, cost estimation, and communicating with all involved throughout the entire process.

In creating my persona for the warm-up this week, I used this cartoon to try and think about all sides of the needs, behaviors and goals of both the business and the user. As I was working through the process it made me wonder if the idea behind creating a persona could be used in designing something totally new to attract a demographic that doesn’t exist yet, but that the customer wants to create. For example, what if a company was designing an online social platform for a device that recorded brain activity in a user and established an online presence. Could a persona be created for something like this? Also, if it’s a totally new product without any usage data, could creating a persona be restrictive?

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