Z515 Spring 2015

Requirements and Culture

The practice of establishing requirements before application development is very crucial specially when you are dealing with people from different countries and culture. For example in western cultures the color Red often signifies danger hence it is used in stop signs, or as a signal of danger. It is predominantly used across computer applications as signifier for functions dealing with killing a process or a program, whereas in China the color Red is associated with prosperity and good luck. If someone from the western countries visited China for the first time, something like this is bound to create confusion for him or her. Similarly if an application development team is unaware of their user’s requirement, they will not be able to develop an application suited for the user’s need. It is important for there to be a consensus and establishment of user requirements before starting on a project. Additionally, having the requirements identified also helps create a sort of map to keep track of the projects progress and establish if the project is successful in meeting the users needs and demands. In fact industry wide requirements gathering is a very crucial part of system development life cycle.

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