Z515 Spring 2015

Persona and Empathy

While design, when my team decided on the target user group, we would come up with several personas. Why persona? Cause you have a real person in your mind that you are designing for.

It happened several times to me that several teammates argue about one decision and we all have our own design tastes and rationale. And the meeting will last for a long time, leaving the problem unsolved. One good technique of solving this situation is to think about what our persona wants, will this decision decision help to achieve their goals? We are not designing for satisfying ourselves, we are designing for our target group, and our persona represents the group.

Another thing I find interesting is building persona helps you build empathy. It’s no longer just several requirements that constraint your design, it is the real person you are taking care of. They have their lives, their goals, their needs, their behaviors their emotions and their stories. I used to read from a book that some developers tend to blame the user that they aren’t smart enough to use the product they develop, and they refuse to change the code. But after showing them real users testing on the product, and seeing their confusion, it builds up the developers’ empathy to users too. Their mind changed and they were more willing to make a change to the product. Real person builds developers’ empathy to users, and personas also helps to build designers’ empathy to users too.

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