Z515 Spring 2015

Social Software

“Relying on social networks is how the vast majority of decisions are made!”

This seems pretty obvious, but I hadn’t really considered it at any depth. Social media has lots of claims that its new, exciting, revolutionary. But actually it just translates a portion of how people have always behaved and communicated and puts it on the web.

I really enjoyed the Porter reading “designing for the social web”. Initially I thought it was going to be a boring reiteration of stuff I’ve already read. Social this, leverage that, web 2.0 marketing jargon, lots of fluff about how adding Facebook and twitter buttons to your site you would increase ‘engagement’. But, it was actually very interesting and changed how I view social software. It changed my thinking in two ways.

  1. It broadened the scope of what I consider social software. Before reading this I would not have categorized amazon.com as social software, now I would.
  2. It changed how I view the purpose of social media. Before I thought social media broadens peoples attention so they are looking at more irrelevant content. Now I think social media plays an important role in narrowing our focus and acting as a filter for the overwhelming amount of information on the internet.
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