Z515 Spring 2015

Ecosystem paradox – Boon or Menace?

As described in the readings for this book, the world has moved far away from single device interactions to ecosystem design, where users have to interact with multiple devices to gain the complete experience.

As much as this has delighted the users, the number of devices per person has reached an all time high. On an average, people have at least 4 devices – a TV, a tablet, a mobile phone and a laptop. And as technology changes at the speed of light today, new products get released in the market almost everyday and people wish to be up to date with technology.

Old technology (which could be just a few months) gets thrown away for another phone with a camera with a few more pixels.

This brings up the question in my mind. Has ecosystem design become a threat to the planet? Yes, it has made our world a lot smarter. But is this design sustainable for the world 50 years from now?

In my opinion, in addition to the 3C’s for ecosystem design, ‘Sustainability’ is also a huge factor that should be designed for. How can ecosystem design be achieved by creating least ‘devices’ possible? How can existing technology or devices be leveraged into ecosystem design? I believe as UX designer of the 21st century, this becomes an important consideration as well.

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