Z515 Spring 2015

Can I Trust You?

In Porter (2008) the author discusses the idea of an Attention Economy. With the barrage of information the internet has introduced, and the ease we have of carrying it with us, we now have the challenge of deciding what deserves our attention. Making the decision to buy a product includes asking friends, reading product reviews, comparing brands, and watching competitor’s prices. We have moved toward consulting with people that have the same goals, preferring social interfaces that allow us to easily interact with people we feel that we can trust.

Some sites, such as Facebook, have succeeded in fulfilling this need of sharing information with close social networks. I have noticed a trend recently though of sites giving a personality quiz as soon as you visit that gives you personalized content and products that match your preferences. This made me feel like I was missing out on other choices and possibly better deals. I didn’t trust their recommendations. As with the Amazon Effect Porter mentions, I find myself looking to other sites for their unbiased opinions. I think there is something to be said for the experience of working for what you want/like. How else would we figure out what we like in the first place?

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