Z515 Spring 2015

Small Screen Big Choices

Mobile devices are a part of us today- they are with us wherever we go-and bringing the world wide web with them. The advantages of using mobile websites for the user are infinite. However, this poses a massive challenge to the website designer- someone trained to think in terms of a website for large screens suddenly has blinders put on him!

But constraints are not always a bad thing. Like Krug (2014) mentioned in his book, it is difficult to create designs when there are no constraints. With boundary conditions, come directions to make better designs.

Today, mobile website designers have revolutionized the way in which websites are designed. They are stretching the boundaries of mobile sites by making them more beautiful, accessible, usable, and intuitive. A very important feature used in mobile sites is the swipe functionality. It is so important to understand user gestures while designing a mobile site. It is also important to realize that the additional support that a complete website has such as hover etc. is not available on a mobile site.

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