Z515 Spring 2015

Difference and Consistency

This week’s reading is very practical and in fact, I also experience the consideration about the consistency of different platforms of a same app during my summer internship.

I was working on a redesign of an application called Sling Player. Basically it’s an app for people to sync their TV program to their phone so they can watch TV everywhere. I was in charge of designing the mobile app. During my design process, I research the current iPad app and found out even though it’s a same app on phone and tablet, some small interaction and features are different because of the screen size and interaction context. The differences include the amount of features, the layout, the primary function, etc. However, without researching the difference between these two kinds of devices, I can hardly notice the small changes based on the screen size. In general, they are very consistent and during my redesign, I also need to keep the major interaction and style to be the same. For example, swiping horizontally for timeline and swiping vertically for more content, this interaction should always being kept for all the devices and all the version of this app.

Also, I learned some interesting visual guideline for the iPhone and Android. The most obvious difference is the “more” button. Both platforms are using three dots to indicate “more” but their direction is different. Although people can understand the meaning of the three dots, but it’s crucial to keep the convention of each platform since the users are used to a certain kind of visual style.

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