Z515 Spring 2015

3C’s and Apple!

While reading text from the Levin book for this week, I couldn’t help but correlate the ideas presented in the “3C’s Framework section” and the success that Apple has achieved over the past few years with the release of its trend setting and groundbreaking products. 3C’s as we read stands for Consistent, Continuous and Complimentary (Levin M., 2014, p.4). Apple has blended the core principles explained by Levin, in a very smart and business efficient way.

Whether you are using Mac OS X (developed for Apple’s desktop systems) or the iOS (developed for mobile systems), the UI seem to be pretty consistent throughout. Although developed for two very different platforms of varying sizes, their core functionalities like email, music and structures seem consistent.

No matter which Apple product you seem to use, it is very easy to pick from where you left off. There is a continuity between all its applications that promises a smooth user experience. This is vital to Apple’s principle to deliver a seamless experience.

All products in the company’s line also complement and collaborate with each other perfectly. In a way each product seems to be an extension to the other.

It is vital in today’s technological ecosystem for systems to communicate, collaborate and compliment each other so users are enable to achieve the maximum functionality of these systems as well as achieve a satisfactory user experience.

Levin, M. (2014). An ecosystem of connected devices. In Designing Multi-Device Experiences: An Ecosystem Approach to User Experiences Across Devices. Beijing: O’Reilly.

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