Z515 Spring 2015

Responsive & Consistent

Nowadays, computers, tablets and mobile phones are widely used all over the world. People work more and more remotely using pads and phones. As a result, responsive design became a new trend and more and more turning into a requirement for a lot design situations. The papers talked about some ways for responsive design, such as using grids. That works. But is responsive design just moving widgets around based on the order and scale? I don’t think so. For different platform, people’s needs for information night be different, choices of ways to interact and people’s interaction preference in different platform diverse too. The reachability, readability, accessibility, find-ability change too. These should all be considered into design.

There are things designers should consider to change to make the content more adaptable to different platforms, but another fundamental rule is still there, which is being consistent. Experience is creating a brand image, it is also building up people’s mental model for this product. If the structure, content, or even the visual staff change too much throughout different platforms, that’s a huge problem too.

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