Z515 Spring 2015

Representation & Mental Models

After reading the papers and doing the warm up session, I have better understanding about representation. There are lots of representations around our lives. For example, the logo of Facebook represents Facebook. One thing that I learned from representation which maybe helpful for my future design is that only show the important representations in the representing world. I believe that in our designs or other designs in the world, there must be some unimportant elements in the designs which make users annoy or confuse. So for my future design, I can consider problems from this viewpoint.

Last semester, my first project of Interaction Design Practice tested someone in our program for our usability testing, then we received a feedback said don’t test the people in our program (even Informatics). Then I learned that it’s because the people in our program or Informatics have similar background. They have the same common ground like us. They know too much. I think we also can say that we have very similar metal models which will not help to get very useful testing feedbacks for our design. This experience makes me realize that there is something called metal models of our users. Now this topic makes me more aware of the importance of understanding our users’ mental models. I think understand our users’ mental model is a very good way to know more about our users’ motivations, feelings, behaviors etc. The deeper we understand our users, the better design we can make.

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