Z515 Spring 2015

IA and User Experience

This topic is very interesting because I am taking Experience Design this semester. I have to read a lot of papers in Experience Design field every week. Even though now it’s only the beginning of this semester and I am just a beginner at both Information Architecture and User Experience, I can feel a connection between Information Architecture and User Experience so far. The User Experience class didn’t mention a lot of Information Architecture, but from the two projects we did in the last 2 weeks, I can see these two projects all involve Information Architecture. One project is to redesign the Google calendar, another one is to redesign a blog. Both of them have one thing in common that is to rearrange the elements of the calendar/blog to improve the user experience which I think this part is Information Architecture. This reminds me of one statement from the reading that Information Architecture is one part of the User Experience.

I think after I gain more knowledge from Information Architecture, I can use these knowledge to go back to redesign my projects in Experience Design class to create a better user experience. Hopefully, I can apply what I learn in these two courses in relation to each other and look forward to explore more this semester.

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One thought on “IA and User Experience

  1. Haha, this is awesome. Knowing which Experience Design assignments you’re talking about, I’d say they’re by far the most IA-esque assignments we get, but they really show the power of simplicity.

    For anyone interested, the first assignment is to re-create Google Calendar in order to make an entirely new experience…. without adding or removing elements, changing colors, or literally anything except a)Moving positions of elements, and b) changing size.

    And out of such constraints you really get a wide variety of designs and ideas. It’s a very cool project.


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