Z515 Spring 2015

The representation of Representation!

A representation model is extremely useful in explaining ideas and concepts that might be very difficult to comprehend without the help of visual aids. While the concept of representation is interesting and very helpful, it also made me think about how important it is to have a sort of a verbal or written explanation to bring forth the ideas conveyed through representation models. A representation model can be analyzed very differently by different kinds of people. A lot of factors like nationality, race, gender etc. can impact a person’s interpretation of a representation. Sure symbols can act as an agent to help comprehend a representation model in a much more effective way. But ultimately the symbols themselves can be interpreted in a lot of ways. To be specific, symbols or the artifacts are artificial objects (Norman D., 1993, p.51)  and as with any artificial object they can be viewed and perceived very differently. So ultimately in many cases it is imperative that the model is accompanied by some sort of a verbal or written explanation as to what it is representing to fulfill the aim of creating a model. Sometimes some representation of the representation model is required to accurately explain its purpose and objective.


Norman, D. (1993). The Power of Representation. In Things that make us smart: Defending human attributes in the age of the machine. Reading, Mass.: Perseus Books.




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