Z515 Spring 2015

Interesting representation and mental models

When I first joined in HCI/D project. The first project was to redesign thermostat. We were told the same thing that thermostat will not warm up the room faster if you turn it higher, but that’s how people’s mental model works. We were asked to come up with several design solutions and iterate on them. The first thing came into our mind is to stick a note on the existing thermostat and tell the user it won’t warm up faster when you turn the temperature higher. But is that an efficient way of changing people’s behavior? What about other design problems? Always write instructions to let people learn what’s true? I don’t think it’s a good idea. And that’s why we need designers to solve these problems.

I always think how people think is a really interesting area to explore. When designing, we need to know what users want, what they need, expect to see, and how they think. Then design the next steps to help them finish tasks and achieve goals easier. As designer, we need to align our design with users’ mental model or eliminate the gap of implementation models and mental models.

In last class, we talked about data related to shared knowledge. And shared knowledge has strong connection with representations and mental models. What we’ve experienced contributes to the present experience and what we are experiencing influence the future.

As I’m taking this class, I am quite curious to learn the skills of implementing what we learn in this class in future design projects. Cause only knowing mental model is important is not enough 🙂

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