Z515 Spring 2015

Internship experience about mental model

<About Face> is one of my favorite books about interaction design. The first time I was reading this book is in Ericsson office. At that time I was a design intern in Ericsson, the only one designer in a 15 people team. My mentor was a software engineer, who is very good at coding but know nothing about design and user experience. He would assign me the work about designing the interface of website and mobile application and gave me the requirements from an engineer perspective. However, as a designer who knows nothing about programming, I was often very confused about his requirement and feedback toward my design work. After my research about how the system really works, I started to understand my mentor. But I still think that’s not design for users. Only the engineers can understand their own products.

When I read the book <About face>, I realized that the way my mentor talked was based on implementation models. He knew how the application actually works so he will present information in this way. However, the book also mentioned that mental models are very crucial in human centered design because users don’t need to understand the backend details of the system, just use it in the way that makes sense to them. So I think interaction designer is a very important position in most of the IT companies, Only one design intern who has limited power and ability to focus on user needs is totally not enough. My Ericsson internship experience is not good, but it let me realize the importance of my job and the goal I should focus on.

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