Z515 Spring 2015

From “bonobo” to the relationship between IA and UX

What is user experience? Even though I have got in touch with this word everyday since I started my HCI program, I still think it’s very abstract and hard to describe it clearly. User experience including every step of the usage of a product or service, And as the reading this week mentioned, Information Architecture is just one part of the User Experience. However, this small part plays a big role because the bad structure of information can really ruin the user experience.

Recently I heard a funny story on Chinese twitter. There is a celebrity being questioned about whether he slept with a fashion model or not and he respond “bonobo” on the Chinese twitter. Then people started guessing the meaning behind “bonobo”. Some people checked the dictionary and found out bonobo is one type of apes that have lots of sex partners. So people are guessing the connotation behind the “bonobo” response. And other people were guessing maybe this celebrity doesn’t have good English education so he typed the wrong word. And finally, people discovered that the “bonobo” is just the auto correct of “nonono” on iPhone…


The auto correct feature of phone and computer keyboard actually is big information architecture. It analyses the user pattern, the position of each key on the keyboard, and the potential meaning of a word in a sentence, etc. Then it structures these information and huge amount of words trying to present the word that people are actually going to type. The story I mentioned above reveals the relationship between user experience and information architecture. The wrong “auto correct” can cause confusion and even huge discussion among people. That definitely is not a good user experience.

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